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#YourMusicYourVoice will present to you musicians from across Africa and the diaspora whose music is all about social justice. Among others, Uganda is represented by our own Ghetto President turned MP Bobi Wine.

Performing Artists:
MEGALOH feat. Ghanaian Stallion 🇩🇪
Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi AKA H.E. Bobi Wine 🇺🇬
Kane Limam Monza 🇲🇷
Xuman L’officiel 🇸🇳
Sylvester and Abramz 🇺🇬
Outspoken ThaHumbleNeophyte 🇿🇼
LadySlyke UG 🇺🇬
Eric Onekey 🇷🇼
Nash Mc Zuzu 🇹🇿
Mc Yallah 🇺🇬
St. Nelly-sade 🇺🇬

About the project: #YourMusicYourVoice is a project to create a platform for Pan-African dialogue between socially active artistes to discuss their role in using music and fame to raise awareness of social issues.

Hon. Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi Wine will represent Uganda as a politically vocal artiste and newly elected MP, bringing that point of view to the discussion.

On the 3rd of October, at a public symposium at the Uganda National Museum, participants will also discuss the role of social media in respect to socially conscious music and freedom of expression. The artistes will also engage with festival organizers and other stakeholders in their industries to discuss the different roles in supporting socially conscious music, creating platforms for self-empowerment, and critically analyzing the space they operate in – including funding structures, censorship and self-censorship.

Behind the scenes, artists will also gather at Firebase Studio to record a collaboration together that will be published on www.musicinafrica.net.

About MEGALOH 🇩🇪: For years, Megaloh has been a stand-out phenomenon in German hip hop. He’s your favourite rappers’ favourite rapper, blessed with a unique gift for flows, melodies and imagery. Above all, however, he’s a storyteller who recounts his personal ups and downs with an unfamiliar candour and with the natural authority of an MC who’s “genuine” in every way.

Megaloh knows not only how to use his voice and language, he knows what he’s talking about. Every word he raps has meaning far above and beyond the autobiographical level. Under the auspices of the Goethe-Institut, Megaloh and Ghanaian Stallion will be bringing this music to five African cities in October 2017: Kampala (Uganda), Kigali (Rwanda), Harare (Zimbabwe), Nairobi (Kenya) and Kinshasa (Congo).

At a time in which African beats rule the whole pop music world and are breaking down one border after another, it’s all coming full circle for them personally, too. Their tour represents the culmination of a long search for answers as well as a vibrant expression of a newfound Afropean identity. Music that is extremely personal and yet global, in step with the times. With no finger-pointing, no compromises, no ifs or buts. But with plenty of larger-than-life swag.

Entry Fee: 5k Ticket Pre-Sale:
– Goethe-Zentrum Kampala UGCS (Bukoto Street)
– Que Pasa Kampala (Kisementi)
– Design Hub Kampala (5th Street, Industrial Area)

Another great turn out at the 2nd FinTech4AG event that took place on the 29th of September! About 100 people were in attendance from the Finance,Technology and Agricultural sectors. 

The 2nd Fintech4AG meetup organized by UNCDF MM4P, CGAP – Consultative Group to Assist the Poor and Laboremus Uganda focused on how FinTechs can unlock access to financial services for smallholder farmers in Uganda. Below is a news clip with representatives from the partners discussing the reason behind the event, which is to bring the various players in the financial, agricultural and technology sectors together.

As stated by Nathan Were (CGAP):
“we bring these findings in the room such that people who are innovative are able to see the extent of the problem, the needs that are available within the agricultural space and start thinking about what kind of innovations can tackle those problems. When these are developed, we take them to the farmers.”


Co-Creation, Events, workshop
The #GlobalGoalsJam 2017 is a two day event consisting of short design sprints. Creative teams of designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together using a tailored toolkit. Together, we will create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term goals.

Do you want to join a global community of change-makers, ranging from Rio de Janeiro, Accra, Copenhagen to Amman, Delhi, Fukuoka and more? Join us to Design 2030 Now!

Kampala will participate in a local design sprint at Design Hub Kampala 
More info: #globalgoalsjam  http://globalgoalsjam.org/

Events, Training, workshop
We are incredibly excited to announce the upcoming DATA4CHAN.GE workshop to be held in partnership with DefendDefenders at Design Hub in Kampala. 

DATA4CHAN.GE brings talented people in the visual storytelling community together with human rights organisations that have fascinating original datasets and powerful stories to tell.  During our workshops interdisciplinary teams consisting of data researchers, coders, UX designers, graphic designers and human rights organisations create data visualisations and devise innovative advocacy strategies.

During the workshops interdisciplinary teams consisting of data researchers, coders, UX designers, graphic designers and human rights organisations create data visualisations and devise innovative communication-based campaigns. DATA4CHAN.GE is a workshop where human rights organisations and the creative sector can collaborate to create data visualisations aimed at elevating public engagement and effective advocacy, which in turn could bring about real positive change.

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The RAPTURE back on 08th Sep 2017 due to public need/desire/itch.. This time coined “Pete Pete” (whoever guesses what this means automatically wins 3 free tickets)

With Djs/producers instrumentalists from East Africa and Europe we in for one of the funkiest Electronic parties of the year hosted by Lil Snipers Events and Femme Electronic, with a sound to supercede 2016 and match the blubber..

Now is your chance to get on board this super exciting trek of the Raves. Tell us what you like added to this party and we might be cutey nice and fit it in, but otherwise we got you covered..!
The line-up request is growing heavier by the minute and we are scratching our bald heads to sieve it ‘n get you the very best to blow your brains..

Held in a warehouse setting at Design Hub Kampala, as last year it’s born to be lit!

It just might be the biggest party of 2017!! This will tear apart the adage much ado about nothing. Infact, we are rephrasing it to much ado about “everything”!

For latest updates check here

Events, Learning

The all female panel will address pressures & stereotype perceptions placed by culture/tradition, race, religion, contemporary society, profit lords and media on female sexual identity. How women are navigating these to become empowered & how they are debunking the stereotypes, the status quo & changing the narratives! 

“Why has society, the media, religion & our great institutions of learning glorified male sexual pleasure at the expense of female sexual pleasure? Why has it become a societal shame if/when women openly speak about their sexual desires? Why the male entitlement to sexual pleasure? To ejaculation? Why is there lots of information about “childbirth & menstruation” but little about women enjoying their strange and wonderful organs? Why does Society feel the constant urge to censure, police and suppress female naturality? Why the constant objectification of female bodies as just tools to satisfy a certain need and not more than that? If women know less about their bodies & body rights how will they appreciate them? How do we empower contemporary women to be bold and not be bullied into ignorant submission to the pangs of sexual oppression, objectification and exploitation? How do we make them understand that there’s nothing wrong with openly rejoicing in their bodies & sexuality”? That there’s nothing wrong with asserting the need to also be sexually pleasured.”

These and more, questions we intend to delve into on Aug. 25th at Design Hub Kampala (5th Street, Industrial Area) starting at 5-PM. (Illustration: NVP 2017)Limited slots available. 
Send an e-mail of interest to hello@youthconnectuganda.com 
or call : +256-756-222-963


Youth Connect-Uganda is a Social enterprise that is creating a hub and safe space for emerging creative artists & fostering the tenets of mutual and civil dialogue on social issues for emerging social activists. Check:youthconnectuganda.com


Join the Unreasonable East Africa team in welcoming their 2017 fellows to Kampala. Each entrepreneur will take the stage to introduce how their businesses are making an impact in East Africa.

At Design Hub Kampala Friday, August 18th at 18:00. Join us for an evening of conversation and connections; free drinks and bites provided!

Training, workshop
Have you considered how online marketing can promote your organisation? Which social media channels are best? How much time do I need to invest in email marketing? What skills do I need to write a blog? If you have these – or any other questions – you’re welcome to attend next Friday’s free lunchtime talk. Based on your feedback, we’re planning a series of talks. Feel free to make suggestions!

Facilitator: Charlotte Beauvoisin
Free for Design Hub members – Large Boardroom at DHK, or event space if we are many 🙂 
Kindly RSVP if you’d like to attend.

Charlotte Beauvoisin is an online marketing manager. She’s recently started working at Design Hub and invites you to share some of the skills she’s learned blogging at www.diaryfamuzungu.com

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What do you feel we need to learn in order to make the world a better place? This question was put to people across the world, people like you. But to avoid getting stuck in big talk with very little practical output, participants were invited to look within themselves and to find things they would like to express and share: lessons learned through experience and personal interests, not via books or lectures.

Gloria Kiconco is one of the hundred selected people to facilitate a Day of Learning which will take place at the Design Hub Kampala. 
Topic of learning is: Co-Creating Kampala’s Creative Industry. 

Participation to the day is on invitation and places are limited. Write us or Gloria at kiconco.gloria@gmail.com if you have a specific interest to attend! The exhibition and presentation of the outcomes is open to the public and will take place during the Friday Social Drinks at the Design Hub from 4pm – 6pm.

Want to read more about the outcomes? 

6 Steps to a Stronger Creative Industry