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You are cordially invited to TUWAYE – ‘Let’s Talk’
an exhibition by Nabukenya Hellen

Opening reception: Friday 18th January 2019 5:00pm
Closing Sunday 20th January 2019

Born in 1983 in Jinja, Uganda, Hellen Nabukenya is a multifaceted visual artist whose work is inspired by the fashion world. She currently lives and works in Kampala. She was awarded a degree in textile decoration and styling from Kyambogo University. After her studies, she founded, with three other artists, ArtPunch Studio, an exhibition space and creative centre.

Hellen Nabukenya explores the frontier between art and artisanal crafts. Her works, monumental installations or colourful patchwork pieces with chaotic geometric forms, are made from textiles, recycled objects, acrylic paint and collage. Beyond the aesthetic and formal research that she conducts, Hellen Nabukenya introduces an interactive dimension to her work by encouraging the viewer to take up and debate certain political, economic or social topics, such as the vulnerability of female identity, while participating in the creative process of the work.

The work of Hellen Nabukenya has been shown in several exhibitions in Denmark, France and Uganda, where she participated in Kampala KLA Art, Kampala’s 2018 contemporary art festival, as well as the Africa Arts Kollective.


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Matt Kayem’s new body of work is a celebration of Africa, from it’s people(the black body) to it’s culture, heritage and history and our influence mostly in pop culture with it’s roots in the African-American world.

With his work he intends to connect, praise and empower a people and continent that has gone through a lot negatively.

The show is free to the public.

This exhibition is made possible with support from 32 Degrees East, Design Hub Kampala and KQ Hub Africa.

Showing from 26 October – 11 November at Design Hub Kampala

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Kampala Art Biennale (KAB18) is a story of transmission from one generation of artists to the next. Unlike the common format of major biennales which historically show and promote the best of their time, as a platform where professionals and the market can come and choose the next big artist, KAB18 is choosing a format vehicles our continent’s original values of sharing and transferring knowledge.

Thus, 2018 will took on a master / apprentice format to allow for the transmission of artistic skill from international contemporary art masters to young artists. This is especially crucial as it evokes the traditional African transfer of knowledge from the experienced to the future generation.

For KAB18, Simon Njami invited 7 internationally renown artists to open their studios in Kampala to young Ugandan, African and international artists.

The opening takes place in an old 7000m2 warehouse at the premises next to Design Hub Kampala.

For more information visit our website: http://kampalabiennale.org

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Come visit ISU’s ‘Digital Fabrication’ Exhibition at The Design Hub 5th Street Plot 3 Bata Close.

The exhibition runs from 22-26 May 2018, 8am – 6pm.

The exhibition is a culmination of the students’ IB Design experience. Students’ designs showcasing their technical skills, appropriate use of material, techniques and processes will be on display.

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Writen by: Michiel van Oosterhout

Michiel van Oosterhout commonly known as ‘Mo’ is a Dutch citizen, who has been living in Uganda for the last 16 years and he is well versed with the cultural, political and economic situation in Kampala. He is a professional journalist and filmmaker.

The book focuses on giving a vivid artistic and cultural-social interpretation of the Katwe area slum communities. 

The purpose of the book is to shed light on,expose and inform the wider public about the social,cultural and economic realities of these neighborhoods. Collected interviews and content from sources such as the local leadership in Katwe,the police, the local youth, the women and the division leaders among others.

The book will specifically focus on the history of Katwe, youth crime & police, women & children from Katwe. The content will reflect their daily struggles and challenges, not forgetting their hopes and suggested solutions, written and styled in a popular fashion and accompanied by illustrations made by our own artists it is an interesting read.

The exhibition reflects the realities of underprivileged Kampala communities. The hardships a ‘Ghetto child’ goes through to become successful in life. The art works are inspired by the children’s’ imagination.

Going ‘ Beyond the Margins’ calls for individuals from all socio-economic divides to come together and imagine the possibilities.
The Launch date on the 5th Dec 2017 shall Host the Ambassador of the Netherlands as the chief guest

The program for the launch date will run from 5 pm – 9 pm

Activities will include: interactions, music, cultural sharing and a snack.

Contacts: 0782859189 / 0755471242