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Welcome back for our 4th edition of the Creative Talks Africa sessions. This month, we welcome Pamela Enyonu, a Ugandan based Visual artist & copywriter. 

Born and raised in Kampala, Pamela studied Vocational Art and Design with Education from Kyambogo University. Pamela is a bona fide creative who has worked as a copywriter for the last 6 years. Last year she completed a 3- month residency where she navigated the politics of identity, trauma and healing. This resulted into a solo exhibition in June, 2017.

As a visual artist, Pamela is inspired by stories, materials and the process it takes to transform them into works of art. Most notable about her work is it’s tactile and 3-Dimensional quality.

Since her residency last year Pamela has gone on to participate in 8 other exhibitions and there’s no stopping her. Pamela is a member of 32 Degrees East – Ugandan Arts Fund.

Among Pamela’s influences are artists like; Lady Skollie from South African and Liberian-American Lina Viktor Iris. Both women have a recognizable style that she aspires to.

She will be joining us to talk about what it feels like living life as a full-time non-conformist and a female creative in a male dominated industry.

There will be free coffee served by our sponsors Wild Coffee and a DJ set for the networking sessions. Use the SafeBoda App promo code: “#CREATIVETALKS” to hitch a free, safe and timely ride for the talks at Design Hub Kampala.

Entrance: Free
Starting: 4 pm – 10 pm 


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Ushuru chat, a 3 hour interactive workshop organized by TOFI aims to bring together the ordinary citizen including government, civil society, academia and the private sector to dialogue, discover and network on tax. The chat facilitates an analysis on the evolution of the Ugandan tax system and the impact of historical and institutional factors in shaping Ugandan tax policy. In addition, it helps us to explore aspects of taxation and how it affects our daily lives, shedding light on trends, laws, policy, tax rates/levies, administration and the tax regime.



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Enjoy your #SaturdaysUnplugged with perfectly chilled live music. From Jazz, to Soul, World, and all in between. Tune into The Fezah Jazz Evening for more details about this series. Tune in 9pm, Radio One FM90

FEE 25,000K 
8PM TO 10PM.

Giovanni’s skill as a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and performer have won him invitations to perform at major music festivals and co-operative events in Uganda and the rest of the world. 

Please bring a friend with whom you want to share this chill music evening with.

On this same evening Giovanni will be showcasing the journey of his music career. 


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Free Taster Session + networking event
April 18th (or 17th or 19th)
5.30 pm- 8.30 pm

How can increased self awareness improve work productivity, teamwork and communication within your organisation?

Join Design Hub Kampala and the Amani Institute, a social enterprise based in Kenya, Brazil and India, who designs and delivers engaging, and transformational learning programs that help individuals build the skills and networks to move to the next phase of their careers.

In this workshop on Knowing Your Management Style For Improved Work Productivity, we want to help managers become more aware of their management style. We will use a personal assessment tool to get you as a manager to understand yourself better and how you can adapt your behavior with others within a work team, a leadership position, or other relationships.

By the end of the session, you will:
– Increase your self-knowledge around your behaviour styles: What are the effective and ineffective traits of your style?
– Improve your working relationships by recognizing the needs of your colleagues based on their styles

This session is going to be an example of the methodology and tools provided by the Amani Leadership and Management for Impact program (ALMI), a 5-month, modular, training & development program to build business and leadership skills in middle and senior managers of small and growing businesses across East Africa.developed in collaboration with Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) and the Argidius Foundation.

After a successful launch in Kenya, the program will start running in Kampala, Uganda for the first time in early May. 

For more info about the programme: https://amaniinstitute.org/what-we-do/amani-leadership-management-impact/
Sign up for a free ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/know-your-management-style-to-improve-work-productivity-tickets-44665321178

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In collaboration with In Place of War, we (KQ and Design Hub Kampala with support from Wild & SafeBoda ) are delighted to be hosting a panel discussion on: “Making the Festival” which consists of some of Uganda’s renown festival Directors and Artists at this month’s edition of the Creative Talks Africa.

We are happy to welcome DJ Hibotep, Derek G. Debru (of MTN NYEGE NYEGE), Faisal Kiwewa (of Bayimba International Festival – Uganda), Rasheeda Nalumoso (of KLA ART Festival) and Anthony J Thompson (of StoneFest music, art, & tech festival 2018).

These panelists will be sharing on- What does it take to run a festival in Uganda or Africa at large? A how-to-guide to making a successful festival. The panel will also explore the realities of running a festival; from the resourcing, to the selection of the venue, creating identity and finding your unique selling point, to choosing and promoting to your audience. The panel also includes the voice of a young creative Deejay who will share her perspective of how festivals fit into an artists career.

DJ Hibotep
She Is a Creative Electronic Deejay who has performed quite extensively on a number of festivals in East Africa. Her insane rave electronic sounds sway audiences to marvel at her serenading dexterity. Hibotep is also a filmmaker and fashion designer. Her mantra is” Learn the rules and break them the way that suits you.”

Derek G. Debru
He is the Co-founder MTN Nyegenyege Festival and Nyegenyege Tapes. Whilst primarily an opportunity to showcase underground talent from across East Africa together with the opportunity to present cutting edge producers from Europe and the USA to an East African audience, Nyege Nyege will explore more than just music. The Festival happens every year in September at the Nile Discovery Beach. Nyege Nyege takes it’s inspiration from the legendary World Festival of the Black Arts’ that took place in Dakar Senegal in 1966. An extended invitation from Uganda to the world. Nyege Nyege also showcases the connections between Africa and the rest of the world Afro Diaspora with Cumbia from South America, vodou jazz from Haiti and underground hip hop from America. Complementing the line-up will some of the hottest producers and DJ’s from Europe whose work is in conversation with African sounds.

He is the founding director of Bayimba Cultural Foundation. Together with a team of colleagues he has worked hard to transform the arts scene in Uganda from a rather static state to its current level of vibrancy. During the past years, under his guidance, Bayimba has trained, supported and created numerous platforms to celebrate the arts in Uganda. Due to the many efforts in networking and building bridges within the arts sector, Bayimba has developed into a house hold name among artists and professionals, not only within Uganda but also within the East African region and other corners around the world. The most recent regional impact was created with the launch of DOADOA – the East African Performing Arts Market – as a regional platform where stakeholders in the performing arts industry meet to share their skills and experience and do business. In the eleventh season as the director of Bayimba, Faisal aims at strengthening the role of Bayimba in developing the arts within Uganda and East Africa, to strengthen DOADOA as the network of the regional exporters of the performing arts from East Africa, the Kampala International Theatre Festival with a focus on East African theatre and to forward the Bayimba agenda to develop lasting structures to sustain the arts.

Rasheeda Nalumoso (Live Traces Producing)
She is a Creative Producer with ten years experience working across theater, dance and the visual arts. Highlight festival producing credits across a range of scales and sizes include the Soho Theatre’s Waltham Forest parks festival- a six month long festival of cross arts engagement in north east London and the Tree of Light cultural Olympiad program in 2012. I am interested in developing new collaborations with artists in East Africa and across the continent considering strategies to develop participation and audience engagement recently a participant of the Atelier Young Festival managers conference in Johannesburg run in partnership with the market theatre and European festivals association. I am currently a creative producer for KLA ART 18- the third edition of KLA ART, a visual arts festival which celebrates public art for, in and with the city produced by 32 Degrees East Ugandan Arts Trust.
During the month of August, artists’ work placed in different parts of the city will explore the theme ‘Off the Record’. The work the artists create will speak to hidden histories, open histories, current stories and new futures to create alternative “memory banks” and new narratives. The call is now open to any and all artists wanting to apply www.KLAart.org.

Anthony J Thompson,
He is the Founder of The Creative Tribe and StoneFest, Creative, singer/song-writer, and entrepreneur. I like to reflect on things about love, life, and God (spirituality) Jinja’s flagship festival in the heart of Jinja Town. Founded by The Creative Tribe, StoneFest is a 3-day multi-faceted music festival to celebrate the burgeoning creative community in Jinja. What makes this festival so special is that it has tapped into the pulse of Jinja and is growing alongside it. It was birthed out of the work that The Creative Tribe does year-round to develop and promote Jinja’s creative arts community. Check out a performance from 2017 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6rNr0fnFqY After only one edition, StoneFest has already proven to be an attraction for both local and international crowds, thanks in part to its diverse lineup, and has the potential to become a force within the East African festival community. StoneFest derives its name from the word “Jinja” itself, which means “stone”. It is also now a part of Jinja Adventure Week 2018. Jinja Adventure Week (JAW) is a week-long series of festivals, recreational sports, workshops, games, and other activities highlighting Jinja as the “adventure capital of East Africa”.

See you ALL. Free Entrance. Free Coffee for all. A DJ Networking set will be available as well.

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We’ve never been excited to present something this kind, Inspired by Amsterdam’s wildest annual color festival “The Neon splash” where ravers dress in color while dancing to good electronic music under black lights.

The Social brings you 2018’s first edition:
<<NEON: The Glowing Rave>>
The only outdoor neon/glow party Kampala has ever seen where the entire yard will be covered with black lights, a big stage to fit 13 djs & of course a ridiculous sound system.

To make the ex-ordinary happen, we decided to partner with “Kampala Color Fun Run” a popular color festival held every year where participants run through streets dressed in white and doused in powder at every kilometer. ‘They know more about color’

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more exciting, “Cobeeglow” an American glow-stick manufacturer sponsored 3000 glowing necklaces, bracelets, glasses & more to see it to that <<NEON: The Glowing Rave>> meets its expectations.

I know what you’re thinking:…What about the dj lineup? Are we gonna have more of the same djs playing? The answer is a big NO!!

*****Dj Lineup:****
-Dj Riki (India)
Dj Cybersnack (Germany)
SoundEngine (Ug)
Darkmeme (Ug)
Jinku (Kenya)
Hibotep (Ethiopia)
Monroe (Kenya)
Izaya The Composer(Ug)
– Faizal Mostrixx (Ug)

Audio Journey taking us through ..Trap, House, Techno, Drumbass, Afro, Grim & Dubstep until the morning sun shines upon us.

Fee: 20k (Comes with free glow sticks & powder)
Dress code: Strictly Neon/White 

NOTE: Dress in clothes you don’t mind ruining.

This event is proudly brought to you by Ultimate EventsHatari VoltageThe SocialKampala Color Fun Run & Goethe-Zentrum Kampala UGCS
Sponsored by MAGIC 1 HDSkyz Hotel
Hosted by Design Hub Kampala
*Alcohol not for sale to persons under 18 years of age. Drink responsibly*
***You’re always advised to watch your personal items like phones & bags. The Social won’t be held responsible for lose.

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RHYTHM is the theme of this eighth episode of the Kaz Kasozi Soiree. It explores the sense of rhythm in the human body. There will be special dance themes and music that evokes the body to move. 

A special character called the dancing clown will make an appearance. If you enjoy rhythmic play and dance, this one is for you. 
Come early if you want to take part in a dance routine. It will be taught between 7:30 -7:50pm.

30K entrance fee

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This info session is specially for young artists and art students that would like to participate in the studios of the Masters selected by Simon Njami. During the talk you will learn more about the concept of the 2018 edition of the biennale and what is required to participate in this unique event. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

More info: http://kampalabiennale.org

Kampala Biennale, KAB18, launches a call for young artists worldwide to participate in the studios that will be offered by the seven artists invited by Librettist Simon Njami.

KAB18 is a story of transmission from one generation of artists to the next. Unlike the common format of major biennales which historically show and promote the best of their time, as a platform where professionals and the market can come and choose the next big artist, KAB18 is choosing a format vehicles our continent’s original values of sharing and transferring knowledge. Thus, 2018 will take on a master / apprentice format to allow for the transmission of artistic skill from international contemporary art masters to young artists. This is especially crucial as it evokes the traditional African transfer of knowledge from the experienced to the future generation.

For KAB18, Simon Njami invites 7 internationally renown artists to open their studios in Kampala to young Ugandan, African and international artists.

The Masters will open their studios for a 10 day period in Kampala, Uganda, according to their own practices in order to cover all the different aspects of contemporary art today (sculpture, textile, performance, photography, video, painting and installation).

KAB18 is a studios programme with simultaneous workshops that run from May to August 2018, and an international exhibition that will take place from August 24th to September 24th, in the city of Kampala, with a catalogue, a symposium, the KAB Lab, and the Education programme. The opening week will run from August 24th to August 30th, 2018.

Aida Muluneh – May 21-31
Pascale Marthine Tayou – June 4-13
Radenko Milak – June 15-25
Abdoulaye Konate – June 25 – July 4
Godfried Donkor – July 5-19
Myriam Mihindou – July 10-25
Bili Bidjocka – July 20-30

Who can apply to participate in The Studios?

-> You are a young artist, i.e currently training at an art school or at the beginning of your career.
-> You are proficient in English.
-> You are able to provide your own travel, accommodations and daily expenses for the duration of your stay in Kampala (or you have a sponsor).
-> Young artists and art students from all over the world are eligible to apply.

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There is no better way to get to know new people and businesses  than being apart of a business networking event.  NUTIP together with the embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands has once again organised a networking event to close off the year. The “‘invite only” event will be at the Design Hub Kampala. Do not miss an evening filled with innovative,creative minds and insightful conversations. We cant wait to see you there!

Approximately 100 companies of Dutch origin and 50 Dutch-Uganda partnerships operate in Uganda, engaging in a diverse range of business activities. Within this context, several founding organisations came together and formed a business platform that actively lobbies and advocates for the interests of these companies. In 2014 the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Uganda officially launched the Netherlands-Uganda Trade and Investment Platform (NUTIP).

NUTIP is a Ugandan association that harnesses the economic power of cooperation between Dutch and Ugandan entrepreneurs. NUTIP is governed by a voluntary board and is proud to have the Dutch ambassador, His Excellency Henk Jan Bakker, as its patron. Through its members and connections to Dutch and Ugandan government institutions, it has a strong network and ability to provide support to both Ugandan and Dutch businesses.

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YE’NZE, Sandra Nankoma’s solo debut presents a new age of soul from Uganda. A combination of tribal lyrics taking one through a journey of the artist’s upbringing coming from a Muganda mother and a Mugwere father, the album titles fuses the respective words meaning “It’s me” in her two native languages.

With the the influence of the 60-90s legends of soul like Farida Sonko, Miriam Makeba, Anita Baker, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu – the music is about sharing these generations. Transforming from her past fame as Sandy Soul to Sandra Nankoma, this album is perhaps inevitable to miss-the vocal soul star covers the musical baselines of Jazz and soul-ballad with a distinctive identity and tune that will break barriers of an African soul singer and take the world by storm. 

As a singer, song writer, Sandra Nankoma has collaborated with Multiple geniuses on this project: Kaz Kasozi her Mentor, producer and Music director of Littleroom Studio, Uganda; David Felgeirolles, of Future Paradise Studio, France; Michael Avron, Christophe Pittet and Felix Sabal-Lecco.

YE’NZE drops this week on Thursday 22nd February 2018.  A press listening session is held by Fezah App at Design Hub on 11th of March. You can find the album on all digital platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Believe, and CD Baby. 

If you’re a devoted lover of soul, this album is a different soul that you never heard before, it is Ugandan and you can not miss its generational expression. Welcome to the new Age of Soul!

For more information: https://www.nankomasandra.com/ https://www.facebook.com/SandraNankoma/ Instagram: @sandra_nankoma