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The KAB18 Art Education Programme will focus on critical art writing. In order to develop a vibrant art industry, there must be Artists, Galleries, Art Critics, Art Collectors and Museums.

Developing critical writing about art helps us understand art as a medium of communication. We believe that the younger generation, if nurtured and guided, will become tomorrow’s art critics and writers.

The education programme will take the form of a workshop which will be an introduction to art writing and will use as material the Kampala Biennale, with its exhibitions, artists, and guests from the cultural sector.

The participants will write pieces about the artworks at the Biennale. The main objective of this programme is to learn how to observe works of art, to question how they are elaborated, to interview artists and to place the works in an artistic movement. But it is also to learn how to place oneself as spectator; sensible and capable of critique.

The programme will be conducted by Mr. En Liang Khong, arts writer and cellist. En Liang Khong is assistant digital editor at frieze, a leading arts magazine. His writing on politics and art has been published in Prospect, Financial Times, Times Literary Supplement, Los Angeles Review of Books, The New Statesman, The Daily Telegraph and The New Inquiry.

The workshop will take place in Kampala from 22nd -25th August 2018.
Limited spaces are available.  To apply: http://kampalabiennale.org/call-for-participants-critical-art-writing-workshop/

Events, Fashion
World Fashion Day show!
Don’t miss this event which features a showroom, red carpet & cocktail as well as a runway with lots of entertainment and fun.

Organised by Moreli Models, designers artists and pop up shops.

Meet your best Fashion icons in Uganda and Internationally.

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Email: morelimodels@gmail.com
VIP: 50K
TABLE : 300K

Creative Talks, Events
For our August edition of the Creative Talks Africa sessions which coincides with the International Youth Day week 2018 with the theme – ‘Safe Spaces for Youth’.

The European Union in Uganda in partnership with KQ, Design Hub Kampala , Soul-Xpressions, Wild and SafeBoda bring you a dialogue of young Creative Entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing, innovating and creating “safe spaces” for other young people to thrive and express freely their rights to identity, democracy, culture and arts.

Join the conversation on 10th August 2018 at the Design Hub Kampala.

Event starts at 4PM with some refreshing cocktails and bites, exhibitions, music, and guest Deejays after the talk.

Note: This is an exclusively Free event.

Creative Talks, Events, networking
Uganda’s comedy Industry has come a long way from the olden days and we as Creative Talks Africa in this our July edition want to explore its evolution. We shall have a small comedic panel to help us explore not only their journey through the comedy industry but to map out its evolution throughout the creative ecosystem. It shall consist of:

Cotilda:– Uganda’s original pioneer female stand-up comedian, Cotilda is also recognized as one of Africa’s leading stand-up comedians. A founder/mentor of the Queens of Comedy Uganda, she also doubles as an established comedy writer and also, director of comedy files live Uganda. She is no stranger to the international stage, with performances in the UK, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Kigali international comedy festival & Laugh Festival 2 and the first ever just concluded Kampala comedy festival.

Collins Emeka:- He is currently one of the top English comedians of the new generation. He is also Uganda’s youngest comedian aged 23. Some of his notable performances include The Churchill Show in Kenya, and performances in Rwanda and Zambia. He was recently nominated in the ADARA Awards in South Africa in the category of African Comedian of the year alongside other great comedians like Basketmouth from Nigeria and Salvador from Uganda.

Daniel Omara:- He is a teacher by training but a comedian by choice. Known as the ‘Intelligent’ Comedian, Omara first rose to recognition playing the character Odoch in the series ‘The Hostel’ and hasn’t looked back ever since. He has helped build comedy platforms and mentor the growing comedy industry in Uganda and is the Executive producer of the recently concluded first edition of Kampala Comedy Festival. CreativeTalks Africa is an initiative by KQ & Design Hub Kampala with support from Wild, SafeBoda, and Cajonmusichouselive. Grab a free coffee cup and listen to interesting creative conversations and music by our networking partner Cajonmusichouselive.

Note, the talks are free attendance.

Learning, networking, Training, workshop

Cairo Hackers Space, together with Design Hub Kampala and iZone Hub, embarked on a technological collaboration based on 3d printing technology. The aim was to showcase the potential of DIY manufacturing technology as well as hacker spaces in a way that acts to empower the local marketplaces and local production. 


Components of the course

  • Basic Electronics – Introduction to the theory of electronics with emphasis on software design and physical wiring.
  • 3D Printing 101 – An introduction to the various methods of manufacturing and how they compare with 3D printing.
  • CAD Design 101 – This session looked at the actual software; how it can be used to design objects.
  • 3D Printer Building – The class was taken through the process of building a printer starting with understanding the components and theirs uses.
  • From Idea To Product – The final session was for generating a use case and specific ideas that could be designed and printed.

The 3D printer workshop was undertaken as part of HIVOS Hub Collaboration fund and involved 3 countries and regions in Africa, namely MENA (Egypt), East Africa (Uganda) and Southern Africa (Zimbabwe).

Members of Cairo Hackerspace in Egypt facilitated the workshops and Design Hub Kampala took the administrative lead for the project.

The implementation took place from 18 June – 26th June in Kampala, Uganda and from 29th June – 6th July in Harare Zimbabwe.


Events, Fashion
Kikommando is a Dance Theatre Production which traverses cultural motifs and queries gendered movement through choreography, spoken-word and costume.

The production was created and choreographed by Acaye Elizabeth Pamela during a two-week creative residency with four dance artists from Uganda. The residency was hosted by The Theatre Company of Kenya at Karichota retreat. The Theatre Company of Kenya (TTCK) is directed by Keith Pearson. 
Costume Design by Gloria Wavamonno.

Kikommando will have premier at the Goethe Zentrum-Kampala/UGCS (Rooftop Terrace) on Saturday, 16th of June at 6:30pm. A second show will take place at Design Hub Kampala on Sunday 17th of June, also at 6:30pm.

Tickets at 15,000/= at the door.

Events, Film Screening

We are happy to present to you ‘the Belgian movie night’ as part of the 2018 Euro Uganda Film Festival, which is taking place from the 10th to the 21st of June in Kampala.

The Belgian movie night is on the 11th of June at Design Hub Bugolobi.

This year we are showcasing the Belgian movie: “The 5th Season“.

You surely don’t want to miss out this awesome Flemish film recorded in the Ardennes … so Belgian indeed!! And of course Belgian fries and waffles “au menu” to add a real Belgian touch to it! See you there!

Doors open at 7PM. Movie starts at 8PM.
Entry and food for free.


Creative Talks, Events, networking, Party
CreativeTalks Africa is back for the 5th Edition and this month we (KQ & Design Hub Kampala) are hosting Artist and Gallerist Daudi Karungi. 

Unraveling the 3rd edition of the Kampala Art Biennale.

Daudi has been at the forefront of a new movement to promote Ugandan art both within Uganda, and internationally. He is a founding member of the Kampala Arts Trust and initiator of the Kampala Art Biennale (KAB) an international art event that takes place every two years in the city. As director of the KAB18 edition, he is in charge of overall coordination of the Biennale, including building partnerships, securing funding and creating an overall communication strategy. 

For this 3rd edition independent curator, Simon Njami proposed a Master – Apprentice studio concept. This will enable bridging the gap between the international art scene and local audiences as well as provide a vehicle to transmit knowledge from the older to younger generations of artist. 
During this edition of #creativetalks Daudi will explain more about the KAB18 concept and answer questions during a Q&A session where he will demystify and unravel the Kampala Art Biennale from his perspective.

There will be free coffee by our sponsors Wild and a DJ set for the networking sessions. Use the SafeBoda App promo code: #CREATIVETALKS to hitch a free, safe and timely ride for the talks at Design Hub Kampala.


Events, networking

Fezah celebrated new features on their platform during their annual conference that attracted corporates and  managers from the music, entertainment and business IT world. 

 In May 2015 Fezah set out to link African musicians to life changing local and global stages with a simple tool; The Fezah App. That year they received the MTN Most Innovative App award, and launched Fezah in Kenya as well.

Fezah App has since grown to ~300 artists. It is now the official booking app for the Bayimba International Festival, DOADOA East African Performing Arts Market, and The Jazz & Soul Safari. Fezah has executed regional tours for artists, launched radio shows, and built its own stages to provide more opportunities to the growing African talent. The Market Intelligence Suite is the second major product area from Fezah, joining the already established Fezah Talent Booking service.


Fezah App now notifies musicians every time their music is played on radio in real-time. On the app, musicians also get detailed reports on airplay. This is powered by Fezah’s media monitoring technology called AudioMatch.


Fezah App now allows a musician to compare their airplay to another musician, to see where they are doing better or worse.


Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) has signed up as the first Fezah AudioMatch client. Starting July 1st, UPRS will use AudioMatch airplay data to accurately determine how much to pay out to its members.


FezahApp now notifies advertisers every time their ad is played on radio in real-time. On the app, advertisers also get detailed reports. This is powered by Fezah media monitoring technology called AudioMatch.


Fezah App now allows brands to compare their ad trends to competitors, to evaluate share of voice over different stations or time blocks.


Fezah has partnered with Roke on the AudioMatch rollout. With Roke’s countrywide presence, Fezah will be able to extend it’s automated monitoring service to stations across all regions.


Fezah App now automatically determines and recommends the optimal amount you should pay for a given artist to perform at your event, show, festival. This is based on a formula that takes into account the artist, event type, client segment, and season.


Fezah App will deliver all these benefits through affordable subscription plans for both musicians and advertisers. Subscription plans start at as low as UGX8 per month.


Fezah App has started scouting for talent in Rwanda as part its plans to cover East Africa. Once launched, Rwandan artists will have access to all stages within the Fezah Booking Network.

10. FEZAH APP for iOS

Fezah App is finally now available for pre-order on iOS for iPhone and iPad users. This follows 3 years of being exclusively Android. Over the next 3 months, Fezah will improve its iOS app to include all features that its Android app has.


#FezahAt3 #AfricanTech #Startup


Events, workshop
Aïda mentions that most of her own mentors have been African-American photographers that have guided her over the years when she first started in photojournalism such as Harlee Little, Chester Higgins and Dudley M. Brooks (renderforest.com). She adds that: “Entering into the current realm of my work Simon Njami has been the one who has pushed me to take my photography into a different path. Yet, regardless of whether I do photojournalism or studio photography, my motivation comes from an understanding that as Africans we must be engaged in addressing and showing our side of a story in order to confront the lack of a balanced perspective that stems from the foreign gaze.”

Born in Ethiopia in 1974, Aïda Muluneh left the country at a young age and spent an itinerant childhood. After several years in a boarding school in Cyprus, she finally settled in Canada in 1985. In 2000, she graduated with a degree in Communications with a major in Film from Howard University in Washington D.C. After graduation, she worked as a photojournalist at the Washington Post, however her work can be found in several publications. She is the founder and director of the first international photography festival, the Addis Foto Fest. She has published a book titled, “Ethiopia: Past/Forward,” which is a coffee table book that reflects her vision on reconnecting to Ethiopia through memory and nostalgia. Her latest works play with this notion of memories, by reinventing contemporary rituals through the characters that she depicts.

Now a mentor to the younger generation herself, Aïda will open her studio and share her skills and knowledge with 5 young talented artists. They will engage into dialogues, produce new work together and learn from each other during a 10 day intensive studio period in Kampala.

More info, visit the Kampala Art Biennale website