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Most of Uganda’s media are concentrated in the capital Kampala, which has a lively and diverse media landscape characterized by critical reporting. However, 87 per cent of the population live in rural areas, where local FM stations are the most important – and often the only – source of information.

Although press freedom and freedom of information are protected under the constitution, many citizens are not aware of their rights. At the same time, journalists as well as bloggers often fail to meet their responsibilities: Publishing well-researched stories instead of spreading rumours, and conveying verified information instead of biased opinions should be the standard but not all journalists live up to these requirements.

The overall aim of DW Akademie in Uganda is to support the working conditions of different members of the media, to perfect plurality and provide unbiased, factual information to the citizens of Uganda.

Stakeholder event at Design Hub Kampala 5th October 2017

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