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Female Sexuality – Youth Connect panel discussion

The all female panel will address pressures & stereotype perceptions placed by culture/tradition, race, religion, contemporary society, profit lords and media on female sexual identity. How women are navigating these to become empowered & how they are debunking the stereotypes, the status quo & changing the narratives! 

“Why has society, the media, religion & our great institutions of learning glorified male sexual pleasure at the expense of female sexual pleasure? Why has it become a societal shame if/when women openly speak about their sexual desires? Why the male entitlement to sexual pleasure? To ejaculation? Why is there lots of information about “childbirth & menstruation” but little about women enjoying their strange and wonderful organs? Why does Society feel the constant urge to censure, police and suppress female naturality? Why the constant objectification of female bodies as just tools to satisfy a certain need and not more than that? If women know less about their bodies & body rights how will they appreciate them? How do we empower contemporary women to be bold and not be bullied into ignorant submission to the pangs of sexual oppression, objectification and exploitation? How do we make them understand that there’s nothing wrong with openly rejoicing in their bodies & sexuality”? That there’s nothing wrong with asserting the need to also be sexually pleasured.”

These and more, questions we intend to delve into on Aug. 25th at Design Hub Kampala (5th Street, Industrial Area) starting at 5-PM. (Illustration: NVP 2017)Limited slots available. 
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